An early postcard from Prague August 2007

Well, we are here in Prague again: It didn't take us long to find the funicula on Petrin. And half way up, of course, is that lovely restaurant with the spectacular views..

It looks like Stephany working: But if you look closely you can just make out the menu tucked under the guide book

The official photograph: With pen ready to sign important documents such as the check. .

.After that delicious meal : We just had to walk it off by walking down Petrin through orchards of apple and pear trees

The next day saw us taking a boat trip from the center of Prague northwards towards Troja:After passing through a series of locks that allows the Vltava to be navigable all the way to Hamburg we approach the Charles Bridge

A little further on:












Then through Charles Bridge:

There were some lovely views on the way: This just one of them



Looking back towards the castle:









And so on towards Troja: Gravel barges going upstream .










Near Troja: The boat has just moored at the landing stage at Troja. In the distance you can just make out our flat at the end of the canal.











As we leave the boat: you can see to , partially obscured by trees, the Troja Palace.


And so to Troja: A palace built for Count Sternberk in the eighteenth century. You can just make out Stephany pointing to the Chapel of St Clara above what used to be Angelus Kafka's vinyards at the end of the nineteenth century. Now had she been pointing behind her you would have come to the lovely restaurant where we dined ever so cheaply.









In the evening: after walking back to the flat from Troja, we went to a concert of Schubert, Dvorak and Janacek in the Lederer Gardens, beneath the castle.


A rare picture of your cameraman and Stephany together: We heard three quartets in these wonderful settings and strolled in the gardens on a warm summers evening afterwards.










It wasn't long: before we found Stephany's favourite restaurant again: Hotel U Prince has started to get used to us!


Well, when somebody is so photogenic: you have to take a second picture.














A view from our table at the restaurant: .In the center of the picture is the Tyn Church


And by this time you have guessed: that we have gone up the Town Hall Tower to take this picture of the restaurant. .










Another lovely view: You can just make out the restaurant.


The castle seen from the town hall:











Another lovely view of the roof tops: Franz Kafka used to live in the house center foreground


Stephany in the Town Hall: This is where Stephany collected her medal from the Mayor. The building dates back to the 12th century and a tour of the building is a must for anybody going to Prague.