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Telc has one of the most beautiful town squares in Bohemia. A series of ponds surrounds the historic centre and the picture to the left shows Stephany beside one of them at the main entrance to the town. The origins of the town go back to the 13th century. The boom years of Telc came in the 16th century, when it was built in Renaissance style. The castle was converted to a chateau and the burgher houses around the square were decorated and rebuilt in the Renaissance style

Town square : That restaurant behind her is just waiting to be explored.

Another view of the square : The other side of the square with 16th century flamboyant Renaissance facades.

What did we do in Telc? : The picture below shows half of the answer.

Meal finished: Back to tourism and further down the square

Towards the other ened of the square looking backwards:

At one end of the square: The mixture of pastel colours is most appealing


Completely covered with decoration: One of the houses on the town square..

The Chateau of Telc: Originally a late 14th Gothic century castle it was later rebuilt in the Renaiisance style in mid 16th century. The picture below shows one of the courtyards.



Interior Courtyard: .