Enjoying Prague




David and I spent a few days in Prague in early January. Snow covered much of the ground and some of the views were quite stunning

We soon headed to the Old Town Square to see the Christmas market

The castle looked stunning in the early evening dusk

We headed up to the castle the next day and had some hot wine to keep out the cold

And then walked down from the castle via Petrin and the slippery slopes to have lunch at the Cafe Savoy.

The next day we crossed the river by ferry and walked to opposite Roztocky where we took another ferry to cross the river again. After a short luch at Roztocky we walked to Unetice and stopped at the Pivovar there. By this time we were tired and got a taxi back to the flat rather than wait another mhalf an hour for the bus. The picture shows David outside the brewery

It snowed a lot during the night and the following morning saw us walking up the path towards Baba

The trees were covered in snow

And very beautiful

A real fairy land

At the end of March Stephany and I went back to Prague. Here we are walking through the Letenské sady with Stephany's cousins

The views of Prague from the gardens are stunning

And blossom was on the trees

We walked right through the garden. It was lovely and sunny.

Here we are in the basement bar of the Obecní dům

Sitting all ready for the start of the Bartered Bride at the Národní divadlo

During the interval

We came out of the Národní divadlointo the cold. But the production of Smetana's Bartered Bride was so outstanding that we didn't mind the cold as we waited for the tram

We were back in Prague in October and here we are walking by the river in Kampa on our way to dining at the Cafe Savoy

The smile on her face knowing that she was going to the restaurant!

What a lovely view of the Charles Bridge

And of the river

And then during the week there were lunches with friends

And, of course, with Stephany's cousins the Maliks

Another day we went with Jiri Malik to the Havlíčkovy sady

There are a lot of beautiful trees in the park

That overhang winding paths through the gardens

And then quite unexpectedly you are standing in a vinyard that hugs the slopes of the park

During the last full day we headed back to the restaurant half way up Petrin. The views are superb from there.

After a delicious meal we walked bsck via the Strahov monastery and the castle

And took one last look at the panoramic view before heading back home